Hey there ! You.. you ….only you …

Who caved to spend time to read this … Thank you!
I mean it ..! I’ve sorry if I ever mad you sad/hurt I mean it…
Who ever you might be the one I love or the  one. Once I hated,, didn’t care.. you all made me .
You all are part of my life..
The days of my life ,which all becomes memories some day .
Thank you if you made smile ever,cry,feel jealous , scared the hell out of me, cheated me , scammed me…. Thank you !
I may not be a part of my life now
But I want you to smile and have an instant glance of my existence when you hear my name after years from now …!
And the ones who  actually helped  me  grow as a person I love you lot  more than a simple Thank you .. -sai yathish

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